Canadian Airlines International Boeing 767-300ER Compilation Memories circa 1992


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This 13 minute compilation demo reel was put together by Canadian Airlines International in 1992 to promote their then new Boeing 767-300ER aircraft, which were being added to the fleet to compliment the DC-10s as medium capacity long haul aircraft. Some 25 examples of the 767-300ER were operated by the airline between the late 1980s and the airline’s acquisition by Air Canada in 2001.

The Boeing 767-300ER provided to be a successful aircraft by Canadian as it filled a wide variety of route roles within the airline. The Canadian trans-continental Vancouver-Toronto was a frequent routing for the aircraft on a year round basis, but the 767-300ER also operated many if not all of the airline’s overseas services at some point or another during her career with CAIL. Asia, Hawaii, Europe, South America were common overseas destinations for the 767-300ER out of Canadian major cities and passengers and crews alike found the aircraft comfortable and reliable.

This film shows a Canadian Airlines 767 arriving and being ground serviced, and after the turn around, we join the flight crew for a departure which closes the piece with a nice air-to-air sequence.

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