Canadian Airlines International Boeing 747-400 Compilation Reel Circa 1992


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This 18 minute feature on the Canadian Airlines Boeing 747-400 was compiled by the airline circa 1992 as a PR piece to promote the then new widebody intercontinental aircraft.

Canadian Airlines operated four Boeing 747-400s between 1990 and 2001 which is when the airline was acquired by arch competitor Air Canada, namely C-FCRA, C-FBCA, C-FGHZ and C-GMWW. The 747-400s were largely operated on the airline’s heavy capacity routes between Vancouver and Asia.

In this film we are shown Canadian Airlines International Boeing 747-400 footage including landing, arrival and ground handling at YVR, which is followed by a passenger and cargo loading and departure sequence also from Vancouver. The footage includes cockpit and passenger service in the cabin, and then ends with air-to-air footage filmed over Vancouver’s Lower Mainland in 1992.

It the time it was considered quite lavish in many circles that Canadian had the audacity to Clay Lacey Aviation some $50,000 to film the Boeing 747-400 inflight (as well as all the other types in the fleet), as the airline was hemorrhaging cash at the time, and thousands of airline employees had been made redundant. The general thinking at the time was the airline could have made much better use of half a million dollars then use it film their planes inflight.