Fairchild F-27 Prop Jet An Excellent Story of Success as a Corporate Transport Circa 1960


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Fokker of the Netherlands provided a license to Hagerstown, Maryland based Fairchild Aircraft to manufacture their famous Fokker 27 in the United States for sales to North American based airlines and corporate operators in the late 1950s and 1960s. Fairchild slightly modified the aircraft name designation to “F-27” with a dash between the F and the 2, whereas the original Fokker built machine was an F27 with no dash between the F and the 2.

In this “long lost” sales movie produced by Fairchild to promote the Fairchild F-27 from 1960, they tout many features of the proven prop jet transport that makes it suitable as a VIP corporate transport, including the excellence of its cockpit arrangement, the reliability of its two Rolls Royce Dart engines, and of course the “built for business comfort” of its cabin. Thus, the Fairchild F-27 was a true leader of its class.

The Fairchild F-27 had accumulated some 165,000 hours of airline operational flight times history in its two years of service by the time this film was made. More than any other American business aircraft in the air at the time. Fairchild was boasting in this film that the F-27 was the only corporate aircraft in the air, that was “supported by extensive airline experience”.

As product business operator references for the Fairchild F-27, the film shows footage of F-27s operated by Ideal Cement, Champion Spark Plug, Kimberley Clark, J.H. Whitney as well as the following airline users of the F-27: Piedmont, Northern Consolidated, Pacific Airlines, Wein Alaska, Aloha, West Coast Airlines, and Quebecair.

The films explains the Fairchild F-27 is a good short runway aircraft, and movie footage shows the company demonstrator F-27 landing on just 800 feet of a 3500 foot runway. They also present a fabulous take-off sequence of a Quebecair F-27 using barely half the gravel strip at Schefferville, Labrador. Fairchild also demonstrates the F-27’s impressive single engine performance on take-off as well as inflight.

Suffice it to say the Fairchild F-27 was a very advanced and reliable contender as a VIP corporate business aircraft in the late 1950s and early 1960s, and this nice little colour promo film is a wonderful look back at the history of this amazing classic propliner.