Operating the Fokker F27 Friendship All Around the World Circa 1963


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This English language Fokker promotional film dates from circa 1963, and is a fabulous visual celebration (or resume) of the numerous airlines all around the world that were operating the very capable and reliable Fokker 27.

The film strives to show the differences in the extremes of environment that the Fokker 27 was comfortable operating in, from the hot and high gravel strips of India, to the arctic snow-packed runways of Trondheim, Norway, and of course everything in between. Which represented a broad and impressive selection of the world’s leading regional airlines of the early 1960s.

We get to enjoy snippets of Fokker 27 footage from Indian Airlines, Braathens SAFE, All Nippon, Iranian Oil Company, Aer Lingus, LTU, PIA, Balair, NAC, Ansett, Trans Australian, Airlines of NSW, MMA, and of course the Dutch Air Force. The film also draws reference to the license built Fairchild F-27s serving with US and Canadian airlines.

The colours in this film are quite well preserved and this is one of the best classic airline films of its type from the early 1960s as it shows non stop aircraft. It is one of those films one wishes would run for longer as the footage of the F27s in the vintage airline liveries is so rare.