Flughafen Frankfurt Main Airport Operations 1970 Flashback


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With the jet age well entrenched on the international airline scene by the late 1960s, and the dawn the wide bodied jetliner making its presence known all over the world, Frankfurt Main airport was already well prepared for the industry changes that were on the horizon.

Although not the size and airport operations leader that it is today, Frankfurt was the largest airport in Germany, the head base for Lufthansa German Airlines, as well as one of the leading airports in Continental Europe by the early 1970s. This neat little black and white film takes us back to 1970s when Lufthansa had recently taken delivery of their first Boeing 747 fat Albert. The film opens with cockpit and approach views of both a Lufthansa Boeing 707 and 747 as they set up for approach to the Frankfurt Main airfield.

We then get a quick apron tour of the gigantic and impressive Lufthansa Boeing 747, followed by an operations and tower overview of the airport. Which is followed by busy airfield operations footage depicting airliners of the day, including LTU Fokker 28, Lufthansa Boeing 727 and 707s, a Swissair DC-8-62 and other eye candy for the airline enthusiast.

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