Mirabel Airport – Mid 1970s Reports from Montreal


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Also(This film represent Mirabel Airport – Mid 1970s Reports from Montreal)

Mirabel Airport on the outskirts of Montreal was going to be the city’s replacement airport for Dorval Airport. It was big news in the early 1970s, as Mirabel was a massive infrastructure undertaking for for the day.

The massive international airport went through feasibility studies and a huge sales campaign to the public, promoting that it could better serve the needs of Montreal than the existing airport facility at Dorval.

In hindsight we know that Mirabl Airport was a classic “white elephant” that no airline wanted to serve. Also it too far from the city centre, and it really not needed. At the end it proved to be a billion dollar mistake, that was shouldered by the Canadian taxpayer.

But these two films from 1973 make the case that Mirabel Airport was going to be a terrific success.