Pan American Douglas DC-3 N877MG Historical Flight Foundation visit to Abbotsford


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For the Abbotsford Airshow in August of 2014, John Sessions and his Seattle-based Historical Flight Foundation brought their DC-3 N877MG up North for the event. The DC-3 is not known with one hundred percent certainty to have flown with Pan American in earlier years, but there is a good chance that it did.

On the media day before the airshow opened to the public, JetFlix TV’s Henry Tenby and other members of the aviation press taken for a scenic local flight in the beautifully restored DC-3. John Sessions was in the left Captain’s seat and he took some time during the flight to visit the media in the passenger cabin for brief interviews, and we were lucky to have a few words with him as presented in this program.

After take-off from the Abbotsford airport, we flew east between the peaks of the Fraser Valley, towards Harrison Lake. Which is where the DC-3 made a gentle 180 degree turn and we commenced our way back to the airport. The flight lasted for just under an hour and we were fortunate enough to film the most interesting aspect of the trip from take-off to landing.

This DC-3 is based in Everett, WA at Paine Field airport, where the Historical Flight Foundation maintains an impressive hangar facility and flying museum. Most of their flyable aircraft are World War Two warbirds, and this lovely DC-3 was restored by rebuilders at the airport at Campbell River, BC. It was our understanding that when we filmed this flight the DC-3 was relatively fresh from its rebuild.