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Belarus Aviation Part 3:

A small group of fans of aviation has moved to Minsk, Belarus in October, 2016. Their objective has to attend  a flying weekend on the airliners of Russian. Which then, forced them to launch a short documentary on Belarus Aviation Part 3. These Russian-built airliners are rare. So, they didn’t want to miss this chance.

This event has been organized by Boris Vlassov. Boris Vlassov was a Merlin Tours based in Paris. The group of fans included attendees came to join the event. The group came from North America as well as all over the Europe. Henry Tenby of JetFlix felt very excited to attend the event. He spent his whole weekend to film a three-part short series. We felt happy to introduce a short documentary on Belarus Aviaition Part 3 for the enjoyment of the viewers.

Production of Belarus Aviaition Part 3

Our journey from Frankfurt to Minsk opens up the series of first installment. We visited the Aviation Museum of Minsk when we arrived in the afternoon. The name of the Museum was “The Twice Hero of the Soviet Union Sergey Gritsevets Minsk Air Club of Aeronautic Assistance Association of Belarus (DOSAAF)”. The museum is located at an airfield with AN-2s.

Further In the very next morning of our arrival, we had a brief tour  of Minsk City. The time then came to start out a journey towards the airport. We had a pleasure flight in Yak-40, Motor City.  The Yak-40 is a totally Russian airliner, full of character. Also It’s good for all aviation fans as it provides a pure treat of cabin facilities, sound facilities and other services. And, we are very pleased to say that, we collect all the fascinating pleasure of the flight and filmed extensively all aspects. These beautiful moments include:

  • Boarding
  • Take-off
  • In-flight footage
  • Landing
  • Taxi to ramp
  • Shut down and
  • Deplaning

Enjoy Belarus Aviation Part 3 here!

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