Above the Clouds TCA Air Canada Air-to-Air Symphony 1940s-1970s


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Join JetFlix TV founder Henry Tenby as he narrates a fascinating journey across the clouds, as he tells the story of Air Canada’s first thirty years from their founding in 1937, by way of rare, historic air-to-air footage of TCA and Air Canada aircraft.

This fascinating air-to-air footage for the most part can be classified as “never before seen.” Much of it was digitized at great expense and effort by Henry Tenby from Government of Canada cine film Archives in Ottawa, Ontario back in 2012. Segments were also exclusively provided by the National Film Board of Canada and BAe Systems of the UK, via Scott Henderson of ScovalPublishing.com and it is our true honour to be able to present this exclusive presentation for viewing by JetFlix TV members.

The film charts the very early days of TCA’s founding in 1937 and the 1940s where Lockheed 14s and Lockheed Lodestars comprised a large segment of the airline’s pre-war fleet of passenger planes. The war years then brought a small fleet of Canadian built Avro Lancastrians to TCA, which were essentially gifted to the airline by the Canadian Government for use on the all important North Atlantic route between Montreal Dorval and Prestwick, Scotland.

Post-war years saw the successful introduction of the Canadair DC-4M2 NorthStar, built in Cartierville, Quebec. These were essentially Douglas DC-4s built in Canada, with 4 Rolls Royce Merlin engines. Imagine the sound of 4 Spitfires taking off at the same time, well that is the sound a NorthStar would make when departing the airport. Suffice it to say the NorthStar was plenty loud, both outside and inside the passenger cabin.

The biggest advance came in the mid 1950s with the introduction of the turbine powered Vickers Viscount, built by Weybridge, Surrey based Vickers Aircraft Company. TCA took delivery of some 51 Viscount 700s between 1954 and 1974, and the type made a remarkable impact on the travelling public as it was such an improvement over the piston powered airliners it replaced. The big brother and follow on act to the Viscount was of course the Vickers Vanguard, of which TCA/Air Canada operated 23 between 1961 and 1972.

In 1960, TCA entered the age of the pure jetliner, with the introduction of the very first Douglas DC-8-40 jetliners, which actually went into revenue service a year before the Rolls Royce Tyne powered Vanguards, rendering the Vanguards more or less obsolete from their very first day of service.

In 1966 Air Canada took delivery of 6 baby Douglas DC-9-14s, which were a temporary stop-gap measure until the larger Douglas DC-9-32s could be introduced to service. The DC-9-14s were returned to Douglas in 1968, and some 47 DC-9-32s were delivered to Air Canada between 1967 and 1974, with Air Canada going on to operate the venerable DC-9 until 2002.

The decade of the 1970s saw Air Canada operate the Boeing 727-200, as well as the Boeing 747 and Lockheed L-1011Tristar wide body jetliners, the Tristar essentially being a one for one replacement of the narrow body stretch Douglas DC-8. All of these fine aircraft are beautifully presented and explained as per their operational history with Air Canada, and we hope you will enjoy the 27 minute JetFlix TV exclusive.

The impressive line-up of air-to-air footage presented in this show includes the following:

Trans Canada Air Lines Lockheed Lodestar CF-TCT, CF-TDC, CF-TCV, CF-TDD
Trans Canada Air Lines Lockheed 14 Electra CF-TCH, CF-TCG
Trans Canada Air Lines Avro Lancastrian CF-CMW
Trans Canada Air Lines DC-3 CF-TEE
Trans Canada Air Lines DC-4M2 NorthStar CF-TEO
Trans Canada Air Lines Vickers Viscount CF-TGI
Trans Canada Air Lines Vickers Vanguard CF-TKA
Air Canada DC-9-14 CF-TLF
Air Canada DC-9-32 CF-TLJ
Air Canada DC-8-50 CF-TJM
Air Canada DC-8-40
Air Canada Boeing 727-233 C-GAAB
Air Canada L-1011-193
Air Canada’s first to be delivered Boeing 747-133 CF-TOA

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