FlyVLM Fokker 50 Re-Launch London City Airport Service – Part 1


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On October 30, 2017, FlyVLM Airlines re launched their Fokker 50 scheduled airline service between Antwerp and London City airport, after an absence of several years. During this time the route was operated by CityJet and their BAe RJ jets, but it did not prove to be economically viable in the long run, so CityJet pulled off the route in 2017. And this opened a new opportunity for the long existing Belgian airline FlyVLM to return to the market with the reliable and proven Fokker 50 aircraft.

JetFlix TV producer Henry Tenby was invited to the media event at Antwerp airport to witness the re launch of service, which included the opportunity to ride and video document the return scheduled flight between Antwerp and London City that day. Before the departure FlyVLM key management delivered speeches to the media and made the aircraft available for photos.

We then joined about 25 or 30 passengers on the official first flight, and filmed the entire event and the return flight to London City. The duration of the Fokker the 50 flight is approximately 50 minutes between Antwerp and London City airport, and in this first video, we have the pleasure in presenting the proceedings at Antwerp airport on the morning of October 30, 2017, as well as the on board departure of the aircraft, under a water cannon salute, for the outbound journey to London City.

This show continues over three parts of a JetFlix TV mini series.

2 Responses to “FlyVLM Fokker 50 Re-Launch London City Airport Service – Part 1”

  1. <path_to_url> Carl Haluss

    I had no idea the Fokker 50 has been around since 1985! Amazing how up-do-date it seems. Smooth and quiet. Would love to fly on one, one of these days!

    • <path_to_url> Henry Tenby

      It has been a while, and it is a safe, proven and profitable money maker just like the Fokker 27 that came before it. In terms of passengers Fokker 50s, there are quite a few still around. In Europe Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA) operate them, and of course FlyVLM. So there are quite a few opportunities for flights, at rather low cost too. It is a very comfortable aircraft to fly on with good visibility and I would jump at the chance for another flight.

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