Villavicencio Colombia Propliner Action – Part 1


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Almost every serious aviation photographer from the 1980s and 1990s know that one of the word’s best stongholds for propliner action was Villavicencio in the central region of Colombia. From this small airport a collection of small operators flew vintage fleets of propliners into the remote jungle strips of the region with Douglas D-3s, C-46 Commandos, and larger DC-4 and DC-6 aircraft all being commonplace.

The airlines would come and go, and reform, sometimes with aircraft trading hands between them or airframes being imported from elsewhere. JetFlix TV’s intrepid videographer Chris Mak paid a visit to Villavicencio in May of 2001 where he video documented this amazing airport for our enjoyment today and into the future. The aircraft that make appearances in this video include:

Aliansa DC-3 HK-3037
SELVA Colombia AN-32 HK-4009X
SATENA Casa 212
SADELCA Colombia DC-3 HK-1514 and HK-3199
ALANSA Colombia DC_3 HK-2820 and HK-122
Aerovanguardia DC-3 HK-2663
DHC-2 Beaver HK-2373
ALCOM Colombia DC-3 HK-4045
AEROSOL DC-6 HK-1400 (extended engine run-up sequence)
Trans Rente Dornier 28 HK-4053

All in all, there’s no shortage of quality talent in this propliner fanatic video action.

Total running time: 52 minutes