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FlyVLM Fokker 50 Re-Launch London City Airport Service – Part 1

On October 30, 2017, FlyVLM Airlines re launched their Fokker 50 scheduled airline service between Antwerp and London City airport, after an absence of several years. During this time the route was operated by CityJet and their BAe RJ jets, but it did not prove to be economically viable in the long run, so CityJet …Read more »

FlyVLM Fokker 50 Re-Launch London City Airport Service – Part 2

Continuing where the Part 1 show left, this video presents the largest segment of the outbound FlyVLM flight from Antwerp to London City airport, marking the re launch of Fokker 50 scheduled service on the route on October 30, 2017. It picks up from the climb out of Antwerp, with the continued flight across the …Read more »

FlyVLM Fokker 50 Re-Launch London City Airport Service – Part 3

This film is the final chapter in the three part FlyVLM Re-Launch to London City mini series. JetFlix TV was invited by Fly VLM to attend the media event to mark their first day of re launched operations on the route with their reliable and efficient Fokker 50 aircraft. The first two chapters of this …Read more »

Canadian Airlines International Boeing 767-300ER Compilation Memories circa 1992

This 13 minute compilation demo reel was put together by Canadian Airlines International in 1992 to promote their then new Boeing 767-300ER aircraft, which were being added to the fleet to compliment the DC-10s as medium capacity long haul aircraft. Some 25 examples of the 767-300ER were operated by the airline between the late 1980s …Read more »

Canadian Airlines International Boeing 747-400 Compilation Reel Circa 1992

This 18 minute feature on the Canadian Airlines Boeing 747-400 was compiled by the airline circa 1992 as a PR piece to promote the then new widebody intercontinental aircraft. Canadian Airlines operated four Boeing 747-400s between 1990 and 2001 which is when the airline was acquired by arch competitor Air Canada, namely C-FCRA, C-FBCA, C-FGHZ …Read more »

Canadian Airlines International – Airline Snapshot Early 1990s

The early 1990s was the heyday for Canadian Airlines International. Just a few years earlier they had acquired Wardair, CP Air and a host of partners airlines across Canada including Eastern Provincial, Nordair, Quebecair, Time Air and Norcanair. It was also at this time that massive losses were mounting at the airline as the Canadian …Read more »