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The Fokker F27 Friendship Story (Dutch version)

In the 1950s, the Douglas DC-3 Dakota was the premier short haul airliner of the day. But the aircraft was even then deemed to be out-dated, as it was already some 20 years old, and with the advent of the turbine engine, Fokker the Dutch plane-builder saw an opportunity that was ripe for the picking. …Read more »

Test Flying the Fokker F27 with Fokker Test Pilot H.V.B. Burgerhout (Dutch)

This Dutch language promo film was made by Fokker in the 1950s to demonstrate the impressive flight characteristics of their then new Fokker 27 regional airliner. Powered by two Rolls Royce Dart engines, the same reliable engines that powered the four engine Vickers Viscount, the Fokker F27 went on to achieve a similar worldwide sale …Read more »

North From Yellowknife – Wardair Canada Operations 1961

Very special thanks to Scoval Publishing (UK) for providing this film. For a wide selection of airline books visit: Produced in 1961, this colour flashback film tells the early years story of Wardair and the story of air transportation and mining on the Precambrian Shield of Canada’s Northwest Territories. This was well before Wardair …Read more »

Closer Than you Think – Wardair Canada 1965 DC-6B Promo Movie

In the 1950s, Wardair Canada provided cargo charter operations from Yellowknife to remote points in the Northwest Territories using a rugged fleet of Bristol Mk. 31 Freighters, De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver and DHC-3 Otter general utility bush planes. Other than local Yellowknife operator Northwest Territorial which was launched in 1962 by American transplant Bob …Read more »

High Tail it to Europe Wardair Canada Boeing 727-11 1967 Flashback

Picking up from where the Wardair Canada DC-6B film left off in 1965, this film jumps ahead to 1967, as the jet age had arrived with the charter airline taking delivery of its first jet, a Boeing 727-100 aptly registered CF-FUN. This 1967 flashback features Wardair Canada’s introduction to service of their then brand new …Read more »

Brooklands Aviation Museum – Vickers Aircraft Powerplants Pressure Chamber – Part 1

Part 1 of a 5 part mini series: A visit to the Brooklands Aviation Museum is a must for any true, red-blooded classic airliner fan. For this is the home of Vickers, the famous maker of the Vickers Viking, Vickers Viscount, Vickers Vanguard, and Vickers VC-10. Situated in in the outskirts of London at Weybridge, …Read more »