Douglas DC-8 Goes Into Service 1959


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United Airlines Douglas DC-8 Goes Into Service Overview and Introduction: Early 1959s:

United Airlines was the first US domestic airline to order the DC-8 in 1955, second customer for the DC-8 (after Pan American). Deliveries began on May 29, 1959, and United received 22 DC-8 series 10 aircraft.

The inaugural service operated between San Francisco and New York Idlewild, supplementing the existing Douglas DC-7 services.

A huge publicity campaign launched to promote the new jet service to the public which included a travelling “Jetarama”. Also the tent show that featured a 15 foot cut-away model of DC-8 showing the first class lounge, first coach cabins, cockpit. There was also a full scale mock-up of the first. The coach cabins featuring the new DC-8’s Palomar unitized seats with self-contained lights, call button, air vent and oxygen.

As part of this campaign to introduce the travelling public to the new mode of DC-8 1959 jet travel. At that time films made for publicity purposes. This particular film produced in 1959 or 1960 and many components of the “Jetarama”. This show incorporated into the film, including the large DC-8 model. The cabin mock-ups used to show the type of inflight service passengers expect.

The 25-minute Douglas DC-8 Goes Into Service 1959 film also features live footage of United DC-8-10s taken inflight, and at airports. So, this is an historic gem to be savoured by airline fans.

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