Small World – Early 1970s Airline Industry (en Francais)


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(En Francais – This “Early 1970s Airline Industry” film is narrated in French)

Produced in the early 1970s, using stock footage supplied by the world’s major airlines of the day, this film examines the workings of the airline industry with an abundance of fabulous classic airliner scenes.

This gem of a film shot at airports all over the world including Hong Kong Kai Tak, Frankfurt, London Heathrow, LAX, Paris, New York and Tehran.

The following is a mouthwatering list of classic airliners that make appearances in this film:

Sabena Boeing 727, Boeing 737-200s of Lufthansa, NAC and DETA, an MEA Convair 990 landing at Beirut, JAL DC-8-61 and DC-8-32, Boeing 747 classics of South African, Air India, Lufthansa, Pan Am, QANTAS (inflight over Sydney Harbour), BOAC and TWA, DC-10s of UTA, THY Turkish, American, Air New Zealand, and Continental, Boeing 707s of Lufthansa, VARIG, Kuwait, EL AL, BCAL and THY Turkish, DC-8s of CPAir, Swissair and UTA, a LOT Polish Tu-134, Air Malawi BAC One Eleven, Air Canada L-1011s and BOAC VC10s at Heathrow … plus many other classic beauties!

The early 1970s airline industry film shows passengers in airports, boarding and deplaning, enjoying inflight services, as well explains the passenger ticket booking process and airline accounting systems, in addition to aircraft maintenance, dispatch and cargo handling. Also It is an all encompassing examination of everything to do with the running of an international airline in the late 60s and early 1970s.

4 Responses to “Small World – Early 1970s Airline Industry (en Francais)”

  1. <path_to_url> Stephen OConnor


    My upbringing in Montreal came in real handy with this film !
    Thanks so much for making it available to view.
    A great slice of aviation history from a time that now seems worlds away….

    kind regards,

    • <path_to_url> Henry Tenby

      Hi Stephen, I completely agree! The airline world of the early 1970s does indeed seem so distant in the past from the plastic and composite planes of today. Being bi-lingual would be a huge convenience with this film. But for us unilinguals the footage on its own is extremely interesting just to watch.

  2. <path_to_url> Duncan Mills

    Hi Henry,

    it’s amazing how the world has changed since these scenes were filmed. Imagine deplaning from a Swissair 747 using stairs rather than the hermetically sealed no-window jetways so common today.

    Being an AC L1011 fanatic, those scenes were worth the price of admission, and the CP Air DC-8-40 was like icing on the cake!

    Thanks for the memories.


    • <path_to_url> Henry Tenby

      Hi Duncan, I am thrilled you enjoyed this film. There are so many neat vintage airliners that make appearances, some very brief and you have to be watching closely. The CP Air DC-8 being one of them. For me the MEA Convair 990 was the star of the show. I do not think footage of that plane exists anywhere else. This film is a great snapshot of how the industry was 40 plus years ago.

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